In order to begin the process for overcoming your pain, you must:

  1. Be willing to understand your pain and let it serve you as a teacher.

Here are 7 characteristics of pain:

  • Pain carries several noteworthy lessons.
  • Pain speaks of disorder.
  • Pain functions like a messenger.
  • Pain sounds an alarm.
  • Pain encourages a diagnosis.
  • Pain shows the need for boundaries.
  • Pain shows the need for faith in God.

 Additionally, life is not about what happens to you. It is about how you act in either simple or challenging situations. Each challenge presents an opportunity for you to rise above it or be a victim. The decision to be a victor or a victim will always remain yours, as no one can choose for you. The many extraordinary accomplishments of men and women, from centuries ago and during our time, have also shown the value of faith, perseverance and hard work despite the pain encountered.

While compiling The Simple Mathematics of Life collection, a book of motivating quotes and a clothing line, Hunt was confronted with a series of painful occurrences that she believed resulted from a 911 call that she made several years ago, that became an apparent scandal involving President Barack Obama. This inspired her to write “Pressing Past Pain: Lessons Learnt“, where she shares her testimony on a series of happenings, involving stress and adversity, plus an important message of love, forgiveness and faith.

In Pressing Past Pain: Lessons Learnt, Hunt, also, offers 13 practical tips that can contribute to stress-relief and help readers to overcome their own challenges. She encourages those hurting to dream again, attempts to uplift them and leads them on to a path towards healing.

In an effort to raise funds for the Pressing Past Pain Movement’s endeavors to assist families that are hurting, and the first One New Man event to build relationships in our communities, Cellicia Hunt is offering a signed copy of her paperback book “Pressing Past Pain: Lessons Learnt” to persons who make a contribution. This book is available in the*Product* section.

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