The “PRESSING PAST PAIN: KNOWING & RESPECTING HUMAN RIGHTS IN OUR COMMUNITY MOVEMENT”  began in 2014 as a Movement on Facebook to address several issues in our communities locally and globally. Through this effort, the Director, Cellicia Hunt has been encouraging a respect for life, a commitment to loving neighbors as we should ourselves and helping offenders to do the same.  Though Cellicia has tried to rally support for the Class Action lawsuit she had placed in the Courts to help with certain issues in our communities, over the years, she has also chosen to seek betterment for hurting families through empowering, inspiring and enabling families to help themselves, via books, teachings/mentoring, her videos on her Periscope and Youtube Channel, along with other spiritual and social efforts, like her One New Man–One New Humanity project.

Since 2017, the Pressing Past Pain Movement has been offering, and is still offering, Certificates of Participation to persons who would like to connect and show support for this **respect for life Movement**. These Certificates make great displays for the walls of a home or office. Furthermore, they are free and can be downloaded at the **Movement** section of this website.

Cellicia has also been working with other organizations for the past decade, non-profit and other enterprises, to build communities, help families find their voice and overcome challenges. One such organization is the Good Neighbors Community Outreach, along with television and radio ministries.

As we look forward to healing and seeing communities thriving, the Pressing Past Pain Movement is currently working on offering a Memorial Walk/ Prayer & Declaration Walk for those who have had losses or lost loved-ones over the years. Additionally, the Movement has been trying to raise funds for the One New Man–One New Humanity project to:

  1. build lives, currently through a movie for the decade of challenges,
  2. offer value,
  3. equip individuals as they pursue purpose,
  4. teach godly, foundational principles for building personal and community-oriented relationships, locally and globally,
  5. plus attempt to help each individual develop as spiritual beings, prosper in the various areas of their lives, while they find callings.

If you are interested in hearing more about the One New Man, One New Humanity project, or would like to make a donation to the Movie effort, click the button below.