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Cellicia Hunt aims to help to make life better for all those she serves and she does this through ministering in song, as well as through books, videos and her organization called Motivation Today.Live, which is a for-profit Mentoring and Entertainment business that serves to support her charities, family life and community-oriented efforts, along with other ministries’ humanitarian endeavors (non-profit organizations around the world).

Cellicia’s Mentoring service, to families and communities, comprises of the One New Man Events, the CDJI Productions and the Pressing Past Pain program.  One New Man is a mentoring and cultural project that is birthed from a passion for discovering and celebrating the beauty in people of various nations, while developing the people individually and socially. CDJI Productions is family-oriented entertainment that offers live performances and recreational activities to build relationships in the families of various cultures. The Pressing Past Pain program helps young people and their families to find their voice, overcome challenges, and pursue their calling.


CELLICIA HUNT – Singer. Author. Certified Biblical Counselor.

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Cellicia Hunt is a singer, songwriter, author, marketing executive and certified biblical counselor. She was born in St Catherine, Jamaica and as she grew, was considered as a kind, compassionate, innovative and well-rounded individual who loved serving others. While her concerns for many aspects of the society contributed to her feeling uncertain of what she wanted to become, after graduating from the Immaculate Conception High School in Jamaica, Hunt decided the best option for her was to get some work experience and enroll in a school for Missionary development (which she did in 2001). As she studied and worked, over the years, she further developed her belief that instilling hope in our communities requires collaboration, and faith and respect (especially respect for self, others, authority and culture) are needed to address the issues that we are faced with today (nationally and internationally). Then in 2002, Hunt served as a mentor while she worked with some inner-city youth and increased her desire to serve young people and their families. This led her to, later, study Biblical Counseling at Light University, with the hope of becoming more effective in touching lives.

Since 2003, Hunt has worked as a self-employed Soloist, a Carburet Singer, a Marketing Agent and an Event Planner on various projects. As a singer, Hunt has had memorable performances, working with local and international artists, praise teams like Perpetual Praise and True Worshippers, along with serving on the Benny Hinn Crusade choir and sharing stages with major artists such as the Stellar Award-winning Papa San and the Grammy Award-winning Toby Mac. With her beautiful tone, she creatively mixes R&B, Reggae, Pop and Jazz, delivering a sound and messages that have often deeply impacted her audiences. However, though she made television appearances in Jamaica, performed at various corporate functions, sang at local and International festivals, and been featured on Marlin Award-winning and nominated projects (such as “Brokeness to Victory”–a song she co-wrote,  and “Testify” – Kasim “Moses” Grant), Hunt had issues with her vocals and avoided recordings. This affected her music for more than 10 years, but did not deter the interest that she has awakened in producers and representatives from both independent and major record labels, over the years (like Columbia Records,  Universal Music Group, Marjohn Muzik and others). Yet, though Hunt has not taken advantage of some of the musical opportunities that she was afforded, she believes her path has blessed her with many experiences to last her a lifetime.

Nothing has meant more to Hunt than the smile of a child, hearing that someone felt better after listening to her sing or being able to help someone in need. For instance, she recalls that in 2002, after being featured on a Jamaican television program, a lady went through great lengths to track her down, just to tell her that she was touched and moved to tears by a song she had sung. Many people responded well to that program, but her story and that of two other girls—who later became her good friends— are ones she will never forget. It meant a lot to her that what she’d sung was uplifting and deeply impactful in the contexts of adversity and struggle in their lives.

In 2014, Hunt’s love for Ministry, Marketing and Entertainment, along with her desire to provide stress-relief to families, encouraged her to start Motivation Today (which she later changed to MotivationToday.Live)Now, she offers a Marketing service to churches and businesses to assist them with special projects and annual events, as well as the One New Man events and CDJI Productions project, along with the Pressing Past Pain program that were created to build families and communities globally. The Marketing service focuses on helping organizations with developing campaigns to promote a service, product, event or undertaking (especially one that raises awareness of an issue affecting communities). The One New Man, CDJI Productions and Pressing Past Pain events are a skillful incorporation of activities, discussions, ministry, entertainment or instrumental sounds, and cultural celebrations. Through music, videos and workshops, families are also assisted in addressing issues that affect their relationships, while they build faith, receive healing, see growth and develop balance.

Cellicia is, also, a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors that guides young people and their families on how to live a more fulfilling spiritual and emotional life. At the core of her teachings is her passionate belief that the development of the whole person, not just a part, is paramount to succeeding in life. In addition, Cellicia makes available books such as: “Pressing Past Pain: Self-Assessment Handbook” to prepare young people to address personal and relational issues and develop spiritually, and mentally.

To top it all off, Cellicia also dedicates a percentage of her work to charity. As a certified missionary, she is very sensitive to the challenges of less fortunate families, and this led her to create the “A Time to Dream” fund to help feed, educate and clothe children within the Caribbean, United States of America, Asia, Africa, Israel and other nations around the world.