Cellicia believes that one way to truly make a difference in this world is to do it one family or community at a time. A family or home is the first institution that assists in the development of every individual and provides a sense of identity, but today, this unit is being affected by:

  • Abuse that leaves many adults and children scarred for significant periods, and receiving healing a great undertaking,
  • Technological advancements such as phones, tablets, games that makes most people pre-occupied and rarely available,
  • Lack of support and time spent with each other that eats away at the family unit’s core, and the list goes on.

CDJI Productions is a program that serves to provide evenings of entertainment for families of various cultures and recreational activities, whereby the entire family may enjoy each other’s company and their relationship may be positively impacted or encouraged. Evenings are tailored to various age groups under categories such as:

  1. Children
  2. Youth
  3. Couples
  4. Entire Family

The objective of this branch of Motivation Today.Live is:

  • To provide families with an opportunity to learn more about each other in a setting that encourages good interactions, while helping to restore health to the depressed or stressed by means of entertainment. Inducing good portions of the medicine called laughter is an example of a method that we use.
  • To teach, learn and celebrate other cultural heritages, especially national symbols, mottos, music, dress and cuisine while fostering a sense of appreciation for the beauty in the people.
  • To create job opportunities for youths (high school and college) who are presently unemployed, by hosting monthly or bi-annual auditions to select acts.
  • To contribute a percentage of this business to global missions and feeding programs.

We are currently seeking ministries or businessesthat share our vision for families, to develop a partnership with us. If you are interested in supporting our efforts and sharing your business with our audience, you may do so below by making a contribution of $750 or more.