Cellicia Hunt hopes to touch more lives through the “A Time to Dream” fund, which was started in 2014 and intended to operate like a foundation that brought some restoration to families who have had losses. This fund has not gathered sufficient contributions to reach as many families as she would have liked to, as yet . However, she has used this fund and continues to make personal donations, until the fund has been properly developed to offer continued aid to families worldwide, and support ministries with humanitarian efforts like:

  • Joyce Meyer Ministries’ – Hands of Hope
  • Marilyn Hickey’s – Saving Moses
  • The Wisdom Center’s Children Homes
  • Rod Parsley’s – Bridge of Hope
  • Cindy Trimm Ministries
  • Life Outreach International
  • Brian Carn Ministries, among others

By teaching and providing aid to abandoned, impoverished or persecuted families, she encourages, provides assistance and helps children and youth to overcome adversity.

Every time you attend a “Pressing Past Pain” event or make a purchase from her store, a percentage of the proceeds will go to help feed, clothe and educate less fortunate children in Jamaica, the Caribbean, United States of America, Asia, Africa, Israel and other parts of the world.

 Children are not only our future. They are very valuable components of our global community. Will you join the attempts to enrich their lives with love, hope and joy?



This Christmas, you can help Cellicia Hunt and Motivation Today.Live make the wishes of underprivileged children, in Jamaica, South Florida and Africa, come true, through the One New Man charity.

When you purchase songs from the store, a part of the proceeds will go towards touching the lives of these boys and girls this season. With your assistance, we can provide them with toys, clothing and school supplies.

Will you say “yes” to being a blessing to a child?


Or you can simply make a donation and find pleasure in knowing that you are helping to make a child’s season bright. Just click the “Donate” button, then enter the amount you would like to give and sign up. It’s that easy!