Are you dreaming of owning a business and lack the finances to start? Well, Cellicia believes each moment is an opportunity to grow and become a visionary. Thus, she makes every effort to teach and provide aid to abandoned and impoverished young people. She knows that identifying a calling is a journey that requires that a person starts where they are at and learn to flow with the dream that they have in their heart. She understands the value of a dream, the importance of practical assistance and what it means to actively pursue the dream that has a hold on you, as you are led to find and fulfill God’s purpose for you.   

Well, if this is for you, below you will find a tele-seminar conducted by Cellicia Hunt, a few years ago, called “14 Steps to Identifying and Launching a Startup” with 5 Ways to Finance Your Startup. This class can help in preparing you to begin taking steps toward realizing your dream.