For centuries, there have been fights against poverty, hunger and abuse. Today, the level of these challenges seems to be rising to epidemic proportions and family life is being greatly impacted.

Cellicia believes sometimes all we need, in order to see positive changes in some areas of our world, is pure, untainted love and respect for human rights. The kind of love that God gives and that will lead people to show respect and compassion for each other as well as a desire and the willingness to utilize the resources that we have. That’s partly why she decided to support non-profit organizations that address the educating, sheltering, feeding and clothing of less fortunate children.

 Despite the issues of our time, Cellicia believes that there are always reasons to be expectant for good changes in lives. She knows that change is constant and we have been given great power in our choices. She offers hope to the broken and hurting through practical means and also provides encouraging words while attempting to reach each family where they are at.

 She teaches others that we have been given answers to problems and through CDJI Productions, the Pressing Past Pain  events and the A Time to Dream fund, she makes every effort to positively impact lives in United States, Jamaica, Israel, Asia, England, Africa and other parts of the world. She considers it a privilege to serve families and prays that each home would become havens of peace and filled with joy.


Cellicia supports peace between Israel and Arabs. She believes God loves Israelis and Arabs and makes available His gift of grace that each person might be able to identify His purpose for their lives. Israel and Arabs are descendants of Abraham that have been greatly blessed by God and are people who will see more of His glory. Also, Cellicia continues to stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel until the attacks stop and they are living in peace with their neighbors.

Organizations like CUFI (under the leadership of Pastor John Hagee) that speaks on behalf of the state of Jerusalem and which, like Cellicia, hopes for a brighter day in the Middle East, are supported by Cellicia. Cellicia believes that peace is fueled when we are just and flowing in right relationship with God and others.