Counseling is a way in which many people receive measurable spiritual, financial and relational success. Mentors are consulted because they have an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. You don’t have to figure it out all alone. Now imagine mentorship with Entertainment…a little Edu-tainment…this is what One New Man provides.

The Aim of One New Man is to:

a) assist individuals, families, businesses and the faith community in building their relationships (with God, self, others and environment) by encouraging and teaching people how to love unselfishly,

b) help persons to develop in the power God gave each of us, operate in the supernatural and serve families and neighbors (locally and globally),

c) bring the nations together to discover and celebrate beauty, musical talents and culture, plus help people to see that peace is fueled when we are just and flowing with God (being positioned and empowered to do right).

We can help as you identify your calling, release negative perceptionsdevelop accountability, move from the various seasons and stages, learn to flow with ease, understand and function at different levels and depths to certain spiritual truths, plus determine the value God wants you to offer to the world. Let us take you through a process of self-discovery and help you to take control of your life, maximize your potential and become more purpose-driven. Learn to live a more empowered life.

Are you ready to join us for our events? Well, you can register below. We are also seeking ministries and businesses, that share our vision and would like to partner with us. If you are interested in supporting our efforts and sharing your business with our audiences, you may do so below by making a contribution.