Are you feeling tired, hopeless or helpless? Are you facing adversity and need help to overcome those circumstances? Do you need help with coping mechanisms or to just manage your week? Are you interested in community-oriented activities that offer healing and pleasure? Join us for our live events, where we will provide guidance and direction, help you relieve your stress, have fun and develop your resilience. The Pressing Past Pain program serves to encourage, inspire and help families to overcome challenging times through music, books, videos, workshops, other empowering events, and charitable functions.


Today, there are many problems that can hinder a person from being healthy. Most of these issues often range from people having physical, mental or emotional issues, to doctors or medical professionals abusing their patients to gain more money, to leaders and members of a community not treating their neighbors as they would like to be treated, to families and friends having difficulty relating due to unreasonable expectations or needs not being met. Whatever the case may be, the onus is on each individual to make decisions for his or her health, or receive guidance in finding and accepting a good solution.

It may be difficult at times to break through the barriers that are causing you pain in your relationship with yourself or with others. However, when you have a clear direction for your life, health or relationship, understand how you feel and are willing to see improvements, the barriers can be overcome. It is very important to identify where you are, where the relationship is or the extent of the issues you face, so you can make decisions that will position you for better results and to better communicate. A healthy mind, heart and body are your most valuable assets in life. We are here to help you conquer the challenges that hinder you and for the restoration of the joy.

We are now offering a Pressing Past Pain: Self Assessment Class. Currently, this class is FREE. There is only an administration fee of $80. We are, also, here to answer any questions that you have, so please feel free to contact us at any time.



We offer informative, empowering workshops and seminars. Learn more about your physical, emotional, medical and human rights and ways to overcome personal or social problems. Join us in standing for liberty, while we help you reach for justice and provide you with the support and tips to make improvements to your life. Also seize the opportunity to discover the beauty in your life and relationships, renew your faith and restore joy. Be re-energized and ready to communicate on a different level.