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In 2015, almost 2.8 million people died in the USA and a significant percentage of these deaths could have been prevented. From April 8, 2014, we have been working on the Pressing Past Pain: “Knowing & Respecting Human Rights in Our Community“ Movement. This Movement was designed to support a commitment to respect for life, loving neighbors as we do our ourselves and encouraging offenders to do the same, while strengthening and empowering persecuted families. Seeing good relations in our communities in the United States, Jamaica, Caribbean, Asia, Israel, England, Africa and around the world is of the utmost importance.

Each year, there has been progress in certain areas of this effort, while the challenges to our families and our community were consistent. This Movement has, however, continued as an online event being hosted here and at page, as we continue working to raise funds to:

  1. hold a series of events
    • a tour to various ministries, starting December 2017,
    • a FREE a teleseminar recording called the Pressing Past Pain Self-Assessment class, available from February 3 (to help persons who have or are experiencing pain see where they are at).  Plus, join us on to ask questions and make comments.
    • a Valentine’s Day activity in February 14, 2018 (to celebrate and encourage love in families and communities). Identifying those in need in the family or community and serving them by volunteering time and energy or contributing other ways. For instance, despite hindrances over the past few years, one of the efforts Cellicia is embarking on, for this month, is offering her song “Father Abraham” as she works to properly record her remix of her 2014 demo “God there’s no one above You” – to first release it in Jamaica, USA and the Caribbean.
    • and making some of these events available for FREE download or on DVD so it can be shared in various locations
  2. strengthen persecuted families, during the Christmas 2017 & Spring 2018 seasons, by providing aid and gifts
  3. share the importance of hearing the voice of love and truth, while choosing to have an internally and externally purposeful life.
  4. equip and encourage registrations for the “Walk for Life” activity to be held in the month of March. For this activity, persons will be invited to join us in showing support for the respect for life by dedicating time for this special walk in their neighborhoods each week. They can do a*Prayer & Declaration walk* -for healing and transformation in the community and nation – or a*Memorial walk* – for those loved ones who have passed in recent years or those who have been hurt in their nation (for persons in the United States, Jamaica and around the world). Efforts are also being made to have an effort called “Love Realized: Caring For the Persecuted” that will conclude this activity. Along with that, a Memorial Day message will be shared on May 28 to commemorate the value each person had in our lives.
  5. celebrate the lives of our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and associates on Mother’s day, May 13 and the lives of our fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, grandfathers and associates on Father’s day, June 17.
  1. Participation Certificates are available below for those who would like to stay connected with “Pressing Past Pain” and share their commitment to the Movement.

  2. If you are interested in sponsoring this effort, or joining us and donating to the Movement, you may do so below.


Participation Certificates and a report regarding Improvements in Our Community are available below for download. 

Click here to download Participation Certificates.

Cellicia Hunt shares challenging experiences & an important message through her book “Pressing Past Pain: Lessons Learnt”. Plus a registered letter to President Barack Obama regarding a matter of mistreatment during a crisis which initiated some positive changes in our communities locally and globally. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aneesa Biggs says:

    I think that this program can help people in need or people that are stressed to overcome that and be at peace .

  2. Keisha Biggs says:

    It is good to know that there is a program like this that addresses the social, medical and human rights, encouraging respect for life, while attempting to help to build the relationships in our community and nation.

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